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Gloucester Township Personal Injury Attorneys Help Accident Victims Secure Compensation for Personal Injuries

When a person is involved in an accident that results in a significant personal injury, they are at risk of both physical pain and financial difficulties brought about by rising medical bills. Adding to the financial stress is the adverse emotional impact stemming from the knowledge that the reckless individual who caused your accident has managed to evade justice and it still putting other people at risk. Your best hope of securing compensation and getting justice for your injuries is to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer and use the New Jersey legal system to your advantage. Since filing a personal injury claim in New Jersey is very difficult because the legal system is extremely complicated, you should make sure that you understand all of the related issues, including employment issues and insurance issues, before arriving at any final decisions about what to do. Contact a skilled and knowledgeable Gloucester Township personal injury lawyer today to explore all of your legal options.

Gloucester Township, New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys Help Trip & Fall Accident Victims Get Financial Compensation for Injuries

When you visit another person’s property, you expect that they will have taken whatever steps are necessary to protect you against slipping, tripping, falling, and injuring yourself on the premises. As set forth by New Jersey law, site visitors have a reasonable expectation that property owners will either fix dangerous conditions on the property or warn visitors of any dangers on the premises. When a negligent property owner fails to protect visitors against slip & fall accidents, the result can be a catastrophic injury that causes a lifetime of pain and costly medical bills. If you have been involved in a trip & fall accident on another person’s property, whether the slip and fall accident occurred at a private residence, mall, retail store, apartment complex, or parking lot, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the homeowner, store owner, landlord, location manager, or security subcontractor. A knowledgeable premises liability lawyer can examine the evidence in your case and help you explore your legal options for pursuing compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys Fight on Behalf of Injured Construction Workers Injured on the Job in Gloucester Township, NJ

Although construction work is extremely dangerous, construction workers should have an expectation that they will remain safe and not be at risk of catastrophic injuries while they work. NJ law provides construction workers with a number of legal remedies in the event of a work-related injury. Not only can an injured construction worker potentially file a workers’ compensation claim; but they may also be able to file a personal injury claim against negligent third parties who are responsible for the accident. Potentially liable third parties may include the construction site contractor or the equipment manufacturer. Although a workers’ compensation claim might cover some of your expenses, like medical bills, lost wages, and disability, including permanent disability and temporary disability, you may still need to file a personal injury claim in order to get financial compensation for pain and suffering. If you were hit by falling debris or tools while walking past a construction site, you may also be able to file a personal injury claim for damages. In any case, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney before you reach any final decisions about what to do in your case because the legal claims involved in a construction accident case are very complicated.

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When you hire Garber Law, P.C., you won’t be forced to deal with an inexperienced or new attorney like you would with other law firms. Our skilled attorneys have more than 30 years of experience representing New Jersey clients in personal injury cases, including slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, construction accidents, and nursing home abuse. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced member of our legal team.

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