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New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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Thousands of people are injured each year as a result of slip-and-fall accidents. A customer may slip and fall on a wet floor or a polished floor or slip on a patch of black ice on a sidewalk. Many slip-and-fall injuries are severe and may be due to the negligence of the property owner. Property owners are required to keep property safe and to reasonably protect patrons from bodily harm. If there is an accident due to a spill or other dangerous surface that the owner has failed to discover, clean or remove and repair, then the owner can be held accountable for your harm. A New Jersey slip and fall accident lawyer will help you receive compensation for your injuries.

At Garber Law, P.C., our attorneys represent victims of slip-and-fall cases in Camden County and throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our firm knows that injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents can cause severe pain and suffering, and can lead to expensive medical bills and time away from work. Your attorney will help you hold the property owner and any contractors hired by the property owner accountable for your injuries. We will give you the personal and professional representation that you deserve.

The Premises Owner’s Duty To Keep Their Premises Safe

In slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls and other premises liability cases, the law tries to determine what “reasonable” care is. While some examples of “reasonable” actions may seem like common sense (such as the owner failing to clear ice from a storm that happened days ago), in some cases it can be difficult to prove that a property owner should have taken better care of the property. Our personal injury lawyers will investigate whether:

  • There was a problem with a floor or surface that the property owner knew about, but did not fix in a reasonable time
  • The property was regularly cleaned and maintained
  • You slipped on a substance on the floor or ground, and why it was there
  • A simple barrier or sign could have been used to prevent an accident
  • There was not adequate lighting on the premises

Difference Between A Slip And Fall And A Trip And Fall

A slip-and-fall occurs when the foot slides across a wet or slippery surface in a way that causes someone to lose his/her balance. A trip-and-fall occurs when the foot stops because of some protrusion or change in the level of the surfaces – which also causes someone to lose his/her balance.

Injuries Suffered In Trip And Fall Accidents

New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

As with slip-and-fall cases, the injuries suffered in trip-and-fall cases are often very serious and can result in broken bones, nerve damage, soft tissue injuries or more serious injuries which may be permanent. In many of these cases, the injuries could have been avoided if the property owner had taken reasonable and necessary steps to prevent the accident from occurring.

At Garber Law, P.C., we represent the injury victims of trip-and-fall cases and hold property owners accountable for their actions or failures to act. Many of our clients have had their lives significantly impacted by their injuries. They need a skilled and experienced attorney to help get them back on track — to get money for their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. We have the skill, resources and experience to fight for your compensation.

Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents In New Jersey

There are many reasons why trip-and-fall accidents happen. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Improperly constructed stairways or inadequate stair rails
  • Wires or cords on the floor or ground
  • Potholes in a parking lot or sidewalk
  • Snow and ice which isn’t properly cleared
  • Poor lighting
  • Fallen objects or substances on the ground
  • Raised and uneven walking surfaces

The Property Owner’s Duty Of Care To Customers And Others

Property owners are required by law to take reasonable steps to make their property is safe. When injuries are the result of the property owner’s negligence, the property owners may be found liable for damages caused by the trip and fall accident. Some of the steps property owners could take to prevent trips and falls include:

  • Regular inspections of the store premises
  • Addressing complaints and making repairs when notified
  • Using competent work people and independent contractors
  • Examining the lighting
  • Scheduling routine maintenance

How We At Garber Law, P.C. Can Help With Your Slip and Fall Accident

We investigate:

  • The cause of the accident
  • What steps the premises owner could have taken to fix or repair the problem
  • What steps the premises owner could have taken to warn visitors of the danger until the problem was fixed
  • What the premises owner knew or should have known about the poor property condition
  • Who else might be responsible such as a maintenance crew

At Garber Law, P.C., attorney Joel Wayne Garber will help you answer these questions and determine if you have a viable claim for compensation. Our firm will present you with your options, your chances of success and what damages you might recover. We will be honest about whether you should move forward with your case.

Garber Law, P.C. Handles Accident and Injury Cases Throughout the Country. From Our Offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, We Handle Legal Claims From Philadelphia to the Delaware Valley and Beyond. If We Can’t Handle Your Case For Any Reason, We Have Relationships With Firms All Over The Country That Can. Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation At 856-219-4628.

What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident in New Jersey?

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, be sure to take the steps below to improve the outcome of your claim. 

Seek medical care 

Your health is of paramount importance. If you have been seriously injured, you should call emergency services to ensure you get the medical treatment you need. If your injuries aren’t severe, you should still see a medical doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Some injuries may not be apparent while you are still in a state of shock. Having a medical examination will help ensure you receive the treatment you need and avoid complications. 

Report the accident 

It is important to report the accident immediately. The accident should be reported to the property owner or manager. You should request the property owner or manager for a copy of the incident report. This will be an important piece of evidence when seeking compensation. 

Document the accident 

Take photos or videos of the scene of the accident as well as your injuries. Be sure to capture the hazard that caused the accident. These photos will help support your claim. You should also collect the contact information of any witnesses. 

Consult with an experienced New Jersey slip and fall accident lawyer. The team at Garber Law, P.C. will get started on your case right away and improve your chances of getting a favorable result. 

Contact A New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Today

Our firm offers a free initial consultation to every prospective slip and fall client. We have evening and weekend appointments available and will also make off-site and hospital visits. Contact us at 856-219-4628 to reach our office in Camden County, New Jersey, or in Philadelphia.

Frequently Asked Questions about Slip and Fall Accidents in New Jersey 

How much is my slip and fall case worth?

It is impossible to give an exact figure of how much your case is worth. However, consulting with an experienced New Jersey slip and fall accident lawyer will provide you with an idea of approximately how much you can receive as compensation for your damages.

Contact Garber Law, P.C. to schedule a free consultation with experienced trip and fall injury attorneys in Camden County, NJ. Our attorneys will review the circumstances of your case and provide you with an estimation of what we believe your case could be worth. This figure will be used as a guide in pursuing compensation in your case. We will fight to recover maximum compensation and settle for nothing less than what we believe is just compensation.

What factors affect the amount of compensation awarded in a slip and fall accident case in New Jersey?

Several factors will influence how much you receive as compensation for your damages in a slip and fall accident in New Jersey. Some of the factors include:

– The severity of your injuries
– Whether you will be able to recover from your injuries
– Past and future medical bills related to your injuries
– Lost wages as a result of the injuries
– Your ability to return to work
– The party being held liable for your injuries

Slip and fall accident claims can be especially difficult to prove. It is essential to have the best legal representation you can get. Contact Garber Law, P.C. for a free consultation with an experienced and highly skilled trip and fall injury attorney in Camden County, NJ. We will fight to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

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